Glasgow Coat of Arms in the sun

I was out in Glasgow’s West End this morning and noticed the late February sun catching the gates of the Botanic Gardens at the entrance on the junction of Great Western Road and Queen Margaret Drive.

Glasgow’s Coat of Arms (granted by the Lord Lyon in 1866) are on the gates. The emblems on the gate relate to Glasgow’s Patron Saint, St Mungo ( that was his nickname, his proper name was Kentigern)

There is an oak tree, a bell, a robin, a salmon, a ring and Glasgow’s motto ‘Let Glasgow Flourish’ which is shortened from the phrase “Lord, let Glasgow flourish by the preaching of the word.”

The story behind theses things can be found here on the Glasgow Story website. When you’re visiting Glasgow see how many places you can see the Coat of Arms around the city.

A misty Glasgow West End morning

You’re never far from water or greenery in the West End of Glasgow. I was walking over the bridge on Queen Margaret Drive this morning to find that the mist had come up and the River Kelvin was looking very atmospheric. Sadly I didn’t have a proper camera with me, but the camera phone coped quite well.

The sun burnt through quite quickly and it’s now a gloriously sunny Winter day.